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November 15 2021
Results-Based Financing: An Innovative Financing Mechanism for Poverty Eradication in Developing Nations

  Covid-19 has increased the number of poor people in the world The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed stark inequities...

November 03 2021
The Global Microchip Shortage

Critical shortages of crucial semiconductors are causing severe problems in various industries across the globe. Why is ...

November 01 2021
Expo 2020 and Environmental Sustainability

  2020 Dubai, the region’s first of its kind, has been a long-awaited event. With its “Connecting Minds, Cr...

Reports & Whitepapers

November 16 2021
Global e-commerce Market Overview

The global e-commerce market has, over the last two years, undergone revolutionary change.

Consumers have grown accustomed to buying items from the comfort of their own home – a change spurred largely by strict lockdowns and restrictions on movement – and many analysts agree that this shift in consumer behavior has propelled the e-commerce industry forward by at least five years.

September 28 2021
Digital Transformation Trends

Across industries, the pandemic has enabled rapid adoption of technology and accelerated digital transformation.

Companies are increasingly utilizing disruptive technology to generate value whether through increasing efficiency or improving customer experience.

Which of the current digitalization trends will likely gain traction in the next few years?

August 23 2021
Digitalization trends in Pharmaceuticals

While digitalization was considered as a long-term objective within the pharmaceutical industry, it has quickly become a necessity for companies to engage with both physicians and patients during the pandemic.

Will the same digitalization trends that have reshaped the industry during the pandemic remain a focus in the future?