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September 13 2021
Placebo and Nocebo effects in Healthcare

. COVID-19 Vaccines and the Nocebo Effect Ever since Covid-19 vaccines were approved in December 2020 (if not before) pu...

August 30 2021
The Research & Knowledge Benchmark: How Consultancies invest in Research & Knowledge

It is evident that consulting companies are increasingly putting more emphasis on research and knowledge teams and funct...

July 19 2021
Green Architecture: A Future of Digital Transformation

The 21st century has witnessed major efforts by industries all around the globe to seize new technological capabilities ...

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September 28 2021
Digital Transformation Trends

Across industries, the pandemic has enabled rapid adoption of technology and accelerated digital transformation.

Companies are increasingly utilizing disruptive technology to generate value whether through increasing efficiency or improving customer experience.

Which of the current digitalization trends will likely gain traction in the next few years?

August 23 2021
Digitalization trends in Pharmaceuticals

While digitalization was considered as a long-term objective within the pharmaceutical industry, it has quickly become a necessity for companies to engage with both physicians and patients during the pandemic.

Will the same digitalization trends that have reshaped the industry during the pandemic remain a focus in the future?

August 02 2021
The Construction & Demolition Waste in the UAE

Construction waste poses a serious challenge to the country’s infrastructure and sustainability goals as it contributes more than half of the total non-hazardous waste in the UAE.