Exceptional world coverage, with a unique focus on Africa and the Middle East

Our wide spread geographic positioning makes us available to connect with clients worldwide without delay.

why Infomineo

Our global coverage and regional proximity combined with the use of best practice research methods and techniques allow us to build our understanding of various industries and sectors as well as discover global and regional market trends. As our clients, you will benefit from our nearshore stations in 10 countries and a professional network in 27+ countries, which allow efficient access and insightful understanding of the pursued data.

Infomineo’s multinational team of highly-skilled professionals come from 19 different countries and speak 12 languages. They are research experts recruited and trained to work effectively and to be detail-oriented.

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Research Capacity
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A customized research outsourcing service providing you with the expertise and agility to make the best-informed decisions.

Insight Driven Research

For businesses seeking to enter or grow in the Middle East and Africa region, Infomineo provides multinational companies with insightful market information within the region.

Expert Services

Infomineo can connect you with top professionals and help you find the right expertise in the Middle East & Africa to make insightful business decisions.

quality research

Infomineo guarantees the relevance and accuracy of the research results conducted in the MENA region.

Among the challenges of conducting business in MEA is the lack of easily attainable data. The region is seldom covered by global databases and has limited local information supply. Infomineo overcomes this challenge by leveraging its team of analysts, field force staff within MEA as well as leveraging a suite of subscription databases and in-house proprietary databases, tailored to MEA.

Proprietary Tools
– Press
– Companies
– Countries

Proprietary Databases
– Top Companies
– Executives
– Markets

Subscribed Databases:
– Factiva
– Orbis

Specialised Databases on Ad Hoc Basis:
– Mintel
– Thomson Reuters
– Platt’s

Our team of research professionals practice the most efficient and reliable methods to capture information and are accustomed to conducting both primary and secondary research within Africa and the Middle East as well as research within other regions. We have developed unique methodologies to find the right sources and access reliable information within each region we operate in.

The broad geographic expanse of MEA poses the research challenge of factors such as different cultures, changing regulatory processes, uneven infrastructure development, disorganised retail landscape, and more. As a result, it is difficult to obtain growth without a clear understanding or without the help of regional experts.
Infomineo has built a field force team of researchers, couriers and analysts in 27 MEA countries that allow us to conduct on the ground primary research.

Our team is made up of highly qualified research professionals and industry experts, composed of 19 different nationalities, operating in 12 different languages. In addition to our team of over 60 analysts operating within our global offices, we also work with a field force staff within 35 MEA countries and a global professional network built on 50,000+ research requests.

The Infomineo team operates in 12 different languages. In addition to collecting research and delivering projects within these languages, we also provide our clients with translation services to help them operate within different regions.

Our field data is collected by research analysts that have a strong understanding of the local culture and society norms within the region. This allows us to overcome the common challenges faced in regions with very little publicly available data and provide our clients with reliable, high validity information.

geographic focus

Infomineo is a nearshore business research provider with a global reach.

Examples of requests we’ve covered globally:

• Building a database of foreign company prospects
• Benchmarking distribution strategies of key players in the chemicals sector worldwide.
• Benchmarking major construction material retailers in terms of products and services offered.
• Building a map of sourcing and distribution flows of a chemicals company.
• Benchmarking a panel of companies over 16 product segments across Europe.
• Mapping & describing sourcing channels of an automotive company.
• Landscaping of the Asset Management market worldwide.
• Identification of Best Practices in distribution of chemicals.

industry expertise


Industrial Goods

Consumer Goods
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Natural Resources
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Financial Services

& Telecoms

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Travel, Logistics
& Hospitality

we value transparency

Infomineo works in a completely transparent manner with its clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients completely understand the methodology and process of how we are implementing their project. We regularly give them status updates and upon completion of the project, we provide an in-depth and detailed report on how our analysis was made and what resources were leveraged.

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We provide our clients with the flexibility to choose how to best incorporate our business research services into their work structure.