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Connecting you with top professionals on any topic of interest with a focus on the Middle East and Africa.

expert services

As you venture through strategic initiatives and tap into new markets, gaining access to local insights from experienced professionals can place you at a competitive advantage and minimize the risk of costly errors. We can connect you with professionals in different industries on any topic of interest, take over parts of or full knowledge gathering process, and provide you with direct expert support on your project.

Find the right expertise in the Middle East & Africa to make insightful business decisions.

Broad Sector Coverage

Connect with custom selected, qualified experts in sectors relevant to your business decision needs.


Benefit from a combination of any of our services to meet all of your needs at hand on demand.


Access to quality reliable insights with a short turnaround time.


Highest standards of transparency and compliance.


An opportunity to contribute to a greater cause by exchanging knowledge.

Connect with Experts

Let us know the expert insights you need. We locate experts in every market.

Share your Knowledge

Help global organizations tackle business questions and inquiries in your area of focus.

our solutions

Expert Services

• Conference call consultations
• Face to face meetings
• Workshops
• Focus groups
• In project placements

Support Services

• Interview guide preparation
• Interview execution & delivery of results
• Execution of focus groups and delivery of results
• Research report based on expert insights
• Secondary research services
• Translation services

our promise

As a well-established research company within the MEA region, you can trust us for having an intimate knowledge of local cultures, country-specific processes, and recruitment challenges. You can count on us to leverage our local team members and provide you with the best advisors of the region within very short deadlines.

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