A Full Range of Outsourcing Research
Services in a Nearshore Model

Infomineo supports clients with information to support their business needs.
Whether you are conducting analyses, making decisions or developing a business, we can help with the intelligence.

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Outsourcing business research to our team of highly skilled analysts with multi-lingual and multi-sectoral knowledge will give you a competitive advantage.
Working with Infomineo offers you the benefit of both regional and industrial expertise delivered in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

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Insight-Driven Research

Promote growth in your business by improving your understanding of the environment within every step of your business pipeline. Infomineo is here to provide the knowledge that supports your decision-making processes.

Gain insight on the viability of your product or service by understanding your customers in a comprehensive array of sectors.

Support your investment decisions with custom research into difficult sectors, regions, target companies and competitors.

Stay informed with the latest news and insightful projections for your industry with our custom designed newsletters, hot topic updates, or competitors’ watch.


Expert Services

Gain insights directly from practitioners and professionals through our Expert Network. Regardless of the topic of interest, we are able to connect you with the right expert to provide you with insights on your topic of focus.


Executive Search

Accelerate your talent acquisition projects with our support on each stage of the recruitment process.


Translation Services

Strengthen your communication with international partners with the support of our translation team, trained to effectively translate business presentations, reports and documents.


Using best practice research tools and methods, our research team is dedicated to delivering high quality research that is tailored to suit specific client needs. We leverage our team of analysts, databases and field force staff to perform both primary and secondary research.

Primary Research

To collect primary research, our analysts identify and contact industry and country experts through surveys and direct interviews.

Secondary Research

We perform secondary research by leveraging publicly available sources as well as using a suite of premium databases.

Compiling, Analysing and Packaging

Once primary and secondary research is collected, our research team analyzes its findings and
packages the data in the format requested by our clients.

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we value transparency

Infomineo works in a completely transparent manner with its clients. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients completely understand the methodology and process of how we are implementing their project. We regularly give them status updates and upon completion of the project, we provide an in-depth and detailed report on how our analysis was made and what resources were leveraged.

partnering with infomineo

We provide our clients with the flexibility to choose how to best incorporate our business research services into their work structure.

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