Graphic Design Service

Your insights and ideas need to be delivered in a professional and beautifully designed format in order to truly make an impact. At Infomineo we provide professional graphic design services tailored to our clients’ specific needs and audiences across all media.

Our clients need to convey their message with eye-catching and substantive designs to obtain the highest possible impact from their work. Unfortunately professionally designing business content is as important as it is time-consuming.

  • Work with Graphic design agencies  
  • Limitations: 
    • Focus on form over substance
    • Lack of business experience and limited understanding of the content they are working with
  • Work with Graphic design freelancers 
  • Limitations: 
    • Limited scalability
    • No guarantee on the quality of work and confidentiality of information 
  • Work with offshore design providers
  • Limitations: 
    • Only very basic requests can be outsourced because of limited problem-solving skills and email based communication
  • Leveraging the internal team working on the content
  • Limitations: 
    • Missing the added value brought by design experts 
    • Inefficiencies resulting from diverting internal teams from their areas of expertise 

  • High-end business-related design: our graphic designers combine strong design skills with business expertise to fully understand our clients’ content and advise on the most impactful  way to display it  
  • Consulting background: founded by former consultants, our company applies consulting experience to understanding our clients’ agenda and put in place the processes which best fit their needs 
  • Confidentiality of information: we are ISO 27001 certified and operate with the highest standards of information security 

Our Methodology

  • Client briefing

    We meet with our client to get a deep understanding of the client’s need and align on the design strategy and approach 

  • Execution

    We leverage multiple tools and offer different design depth levels. We provide regular updates and iterations to the client and conduct thorough quality assurance

  • Delivery

    We communicate with our clients to walk them through our deliverable and explain the design choices and any technical elements that might be useful

  • Follow-up

    We proactively seek feedback and remain available to support our clients with any potential follow-ups or new requirements that might arise 

Our Graphic Design range of Services



New slide creation
Brand standard formatting
Slide editing
Preparing images/icons



Text editing
Brochures/Magazines publication
Customized visuals/concept art design



UI development
Microsite/Website development
Web/Mobile Applications
UX journeys


Video & Others

Video Editing
Animation 2D/3D
Digital media

Our Portfolio