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What is Brainshoring? What is Brainshoring?

Brainshoring is the offshoring of tasks that require extensive critical thinking/problem-solving skills and close collaboration with a client.

After Call centers, BPO and KPO, Brainshoring is the fourth generation of service outsourcing.

Infomineo’s unique Brainshoring proposition:

  • Infomineo offers a range of Brainshoring services including Business Research, Expert Network, Graphic Design, and Business Translation
  • Infomineo operates from major cities in the emerging world (Cairo, Casablanca, and Mexico) to:
    • Tap underleveraged talent pools and deliver high-quality work at decent prices
    • Offer nearshore/same time-zone options to our clients for improved coordination
  • We make it easy to work with us by dealing with our clients on a retainer basis i.e. with dedicated teams

 Business Research Business Research

1 Our Clients’ Challenge

    Our clients are constantly making decisions on critical business & economic issues and need high-value data and insights to inform their analysis.

2 Traditional solutions

    • Conduct research internally

    Limitation: Research and information gathering reduces time for core analysis and decision making; expertise/scalability challenges

    • Work with market or local research firms

    Limitation: scope is limited to consumer insights/local market

    • Take decisions without solid evidence  

    Limitation: Poor quality decisions,  increased risk exposure

3 Our proposition

    • Customized combination of strategy consulting and business research methodologies
    • Global coverage of countries and markets allowing consistent benchmark results
    • Full integration with our clients’ teams, giving them access to our scale, expertise, and capabilities
    • A comprehensive offering, including desk research, primary research, expert interviews, and social listening
    • A large team of full-time staff, conducting research in 12 languages

Expert Network Expert Network

1 Our Clients’ Challenge

    Our clients operate in the most competitive echelons of global markets and some of the questions they have are so specific or technical that only sector experts are able to provide those answers.

2 Traditional solutions

    • Rely on secondary research 

    Inadequate depth of information

    Excessive time spent on research for information that does not fully address the question

    • Autonomously search for experts

    Limited resources available to find relevant experts

    Lack of specialized expertise to develop and screen potential contacts

3 Our proposition

    Specialized screening expertise: Our expert network specialists are fully dedicated and specifically trained for the identification and screening of individuals who can best address our clients’ questions

    Structured interview approach: We engage with the identified experts in a prepared and structured way in order to ensure that our clients’ questions are answered and that we obtain objective and actionable insights

    Regional focus:Contrary to our other services our Expert Network focuses on experts in the EMEA region, where we have a unique edge and expertise

Graphic Design Graphic Design

1 Our Clients’ Challenge

    Our clients need to display their content with an eye-catching, clear, and impactful design to convey their message in the most effective way.

2 Traditional solutions

    • Work with Graphic design agencies

    Limitations: focus on form over substance; lack of business knowledge

    • Work with Graphic design freelancers

    Limitations: Limited scalability; no guarantee on quality and confidentiality

    • Leveraging the internal team working on the content

    Limitations: missing the added value brought by design experts; time & cost inefficiencies

3 Our proposition

    • High-end design production thanks to the combination of graphic design expertise and business standards
    • Consulting experience allows us to understand our clients’ needs and put in place customized processes
    • Confidentiality of information: we are ISO 27001 certified and hire full-time designers working from our offices

Business Translation Business Translation

1 Our Clients’ Challenge

    Operating in a global context, our clients are required to adapt their language to local audiences while preserving the essence of their message.

2 Traditional solutions

    • Leverage their internal teams

    Limitation: inefficiencies in terms of cost and value

    • Work with general translation firms

    Challenge: lack of business knowledge and insufficient guarantees on confidentiality

3 Our proposition

    • Our extensive business expertise allows us to understand and communicate complex business language
    • High flexibility thanks to our full-integration model
    • Efficiency & cost optimization as we operate with a retainer model
    • Confidentiality of information: we are ISO 27001 certified and follow extremely strict information security policies
How we work with our clients

How we work with our clients

We work with our clients on a retainer basis , providing dedicated support and operating as an extension of our client’s teams, giving them access to our scale, expertise, capabilities, and methodologies.

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